A Weekend Well-Spent

  • two cheaply-purchased panel monitors
  • a hearty helping of HGTV
  • a cleaned and repaired (cross your fingers) fridge
  • an interesting and brief gunshow
  • an awesome, awesome ballgame with fantastic seats [Lexus Club Box], which included:
    • catering at our seats
    • tasty seven-layer dip & chips
    • chili dogs
    • ice cream in a hat (it's tradition, man)
    • incredibly-painful-but-awesome-shoes
    • a hilariously fun near-rain-out
    • a whomping of the Mariners (well, it was a whomping until the seventh, but we still won)
  • a clean (and-soon-to-be painted, floored, and cabineted) laundry room
  • a well-laid-out plan for said laundry room (forethought: amazing!)
  • a tasty and always-fantastic episode of Feasting on Asphalt
  • snuggling funtime
  • frozen fruit-bars
...and a happy congrats to my pal Auntie K!

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