Thoroughly Sated & Spoiled

(...or, Good Food, Good Company)

For the third time in a week, we're eating out in style (not counting the meal grabbed at Taco Bell for Saturday lunch, or even the fantastic ballpark food that evening). Last Wednesday, we enjoyed the company of work friends and peking duck, calamari, mango & shrimp with cream sauce, eggrolls, and another appetizer I haven't the faintest hope of spelling or pronouncing, at Mr. Wok in Plano, a deceptively simple-looking restaurant tucked away in an older, less flashy corner of the city. Last night, we each tucked away a steak and some scrumpious sides at Saltgrass in McKinney with an Abilene friend. And tonight, we're going to III Forks--a kind of swank I've personally never enjoyed--with friends again for the KRLD Restaurant Week event.

(For some Nerdy News, check out the latest geekyartistlibrarian post.)


Auntie K said...

Have a good time at III Forks. I've had some great meals during KRLD Restaurant Week!

Starrlett said...

It was grrrrreat. The steak was tremendous, and the mashed potatoes were the best I'd ever eaten. That might seem like no big deal, but those potatoes were amazing.

The dessert, however, was a bust; my white chocolate mousse tasted like cheap organge sherbet (?), although Alex's chocolate cake was great. That's what I get for ordering adventurously.

And the Chardonnay was quite nice, too. But it was funny--we joked about how the fact that there was a URL on the cork indicated it wasn't an aged wine. :)