...I Got Here As Fast As I Could

You are 71% REAL Texan!!

You're way more Texan than average. Your parents were probably from here, too. We're glad to have you. You probably go to the border for Christmas shopping and are well versed in BBQ, Mexican Food and... well, that's pretty much it.

How Texan Are You?

Pretty good for a non-native, no? (I'd have done way better if 75% of the questions hadn't been about Austin.)

Unrelated Banter:
  • This book's website is so cool it hurts.
  • Discovery: it is alarmingly difficult to live without an operating fridge. We live a life of luxury.


suitedesign said...

Ok, the book website is seriously cool. I want a website that cool! And I am now dying to read the book. Looks like much fun. ;0)

Auntie K said...

Awesome site. Just put the book on hold at the local PL. I'm #6 in line!

Tigpan said...

Such a cool website...Starr how do you find these things? BTW I am only 55% texan, but I think that is cause I don't care what goes on in Austin! :)

Starrlett said...

Some things I find from the 77 blogs i read daily (!), but this one, like many others, was from my pal Tihleigh, she of the I-can-sense-coolness fame.

Starrlett said...

Hey--suitedesign--is that my pal chris?! where you been, gal? how go things? (you on myspace yet, woman?)