Yahoo News declares, "women like tech toys more than shoes."
(But some of us like both.)

Speaking of shoes...
Hey, Auntie K, maybe they've got one of these for shoes (although--ick)?

But then again, I think the whole idea with borrowing handbags is a little "ick." Certainly not something I'd pay the "couture" price of $60-95 per week rental fee for! (Goodness, if you can afford that, couldn't you afford to buy a much nicer handbag than my own?)

Speaking of "ick..."
Wanna know what to call that bug you're squashing when you describe its horrific appearance to coworkers the next day? Then check out What's that Bug?

(Insert clever segue from bugs to pirates here...)
I just realized that Pirates 2 has been out for weeks, and we haven't been to the theater to see it. Shame on us! (That shows you how much we've been enjoying satellite, huh? Drat those Mythbusters and their distracting ways!)

And while we're talking about satellite:
I [heart] Eureka.
Which, incidentally, is the state motto of California. (These are the things you learn when you work in GovDocs and your boss and yourself are bored of the usual shoptalk.)

And back to television:
Oh. My. Gosh.
NPR: "About one-third of children age 6 and younger even have a television in their room, just so they can watch their shows while parents are occupied elsewhere."

And that leaves me speechless.


Tihleigh said...

I know!

I feel so terrible for the other two thirds.

Auntie K said...

OK, Starrlett, you're blogging far too much this week for Auntie K to keep up with you.

I'm speechless over the handbag rental site. Do they actually have any customers? Guess they have at least two if there's a waitlist on a bag.

As for young children w/tv's in their bedroom, I've heard this before, and it nearly makes me speechless with disgust. What 5 yr old needs a tv in his own bedroom? Personally, I don't think a 15 yr old does either. Oh, don't let me get started!

Loonacy said...

I love Eureka! Awsome show