A First: Political Musings

I'm breaking my own blog rule and writing a little about politics. (Goodness knows why.)

I'm fairly a-political (as far as parties go), but still, having been raised in a conservative environment and agreeing with many issues from that viewpoint, I think of myself as a grudging (albeit moderate) Republican. That being said, I never vote for a person I don't know something about, and only vote for Republicans when I agree on the issues (which, as stated, is usually the lesser of two evils).

Today, however, I was a little surprised to hear that of the two sides to the recent bill (that didn't pass in Congress), I was staunchly on the Democrat side of both issues, for an increase in minimum wage (it's been a decade, folks! And do you think that gas costs what it did four years ago, let alone ten?), and against the "death tax" (c'mon, paying a bit in taxes just because you're super-rich won't take you down anywhere close to middle-class, so don't whine to me about it).


Tigpan said...

Random, I am pretty much dead on with you according to this blog politically. That minimum wage thing is one of my biggest pet peaves and I am not even on minimum wage anymore!

Tigpan said...
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Starrlett said...

It's unfathomable to me in the first place that they haven't raised it in a decade, but to not adjust it during a time when gas is regularly $3/gallon, it's cruel. How is anyone going to afford to even get to work, at this rate?

And all this talk about how it will raise inflation and everything else is bunk--because we've already seen inflation without a raise in the minimum wage (which, again, only makes it more cruel).