We Interrupt Your Lunch Break to Bring You this Bulletin

Stargate SG-1 has been cancelled; June 2007 will mark its end.

It is now appropriate to play a funeral dirge and dress in mourning (if you're not already wearing black). And time for me to feel guilty, as my finally breaking down and getting satellite--inspired in the first place by the desire to no longer wait a whole season to watch SG-1--is, no doubt, the reason that they decided to finally cancel.



Nathaniel said...

Don't give up yet! =D

suitedesign said...

meanies indeed! argh! this is so not cool, even if not surprising. *pouts and sighs to herself. looks through the closet to find a week's worth of black.*

Loonacy said...

SUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!! :-(
We shall mourne together.

Starrlett said...

Thanks for the link, Nathaniel--now, stop playing games and get back to writing. :)

Seriously, I hope that it pans out. I'd already been alternately hopeful/wary about the rumors of movie sequels... But I'll soldier on. And keep *not* watching my DVR-ed episode of the current season until the last season comes out on DVD and I can catch up.

Sigh... self-control is tough.