Obituary: Baby, Albino Squirrel

Baby, the second of UNT's famous albino squirrels, died yesterday of natural causes, following an assault by a hawk. He is survived by the UNT community and his fellow non-albino campus squirrels. UNT is not pressing charges against the hawk.
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student-created chalk memorial outside Willis Library

Ironically, I've been at this school for more than seven years now, and only saw the squirrel for the first time this past summer.

Unrelated Banter

Last night, we hosted a "Facebook Live" event at Willis Library, in which students used a "speed dating" model to make new friends and exchange Facebook or MySpace names. Read the UNT Daily story on it for more.

I just finished reading Stardust--it was exceptionally good. If you like fairy tales, fantasy art, and/or graphic novels, read it.

Do ya like Renaissance painting, parody, and Star Wars? Have I got a link for you.


Trey Stokes said...

...died yesterday of natural causes, following an assault by a hawk

This is an interesting semantical interpretation of "natural causes".

I suppose it IS natural for squirrels to be mauled by hawks, but I don't think that approach will hold up in court.

I would recommend the hawk plead guilty to first-degree squirrelslaughter and hope for a activist judge with an anti-squirrel bias.

Auntie K said...

Today, someone left a memorial underneath the chalk drawing you showed in your post. Wish I knew how to work my cameraphone...