That Spring Feeling

Alex was amazingly ambitious today, and it paid off. He got the lawn mown, welded a new hitch receiver to our small trailer, used the lawn tractor to haul said trailer up to the house, cleaned the trash out of the trailer, and got us to clean out our trash recepticle, which gradually accumulated non-bagged trash until it was over half full of the crud.

It was delightful outside, so I worked on schoolwork from the back porch while he mowed, and then moved into the building while he welded/etc. It's good to periodically remind my body of what the outdoors is like, and to attempt to prod my melanin into action. (Of course, this never translates into tan, only dark freckles, but I'll take what I can get.)

I didn't even get to blog about last weekend's family activites, because Denton Reads kind of hijacked my weekend. But after the Children's Festival on Saturday, we had a baby shower for a family friend, and then our oldest nephew's fifth birthday party (Hi, Linda!). As usual, my sister-in-law had homemade ice cream to share, which was heavenly. It almost inspires me to hunt up the motor parts for Alex's Ice Cream Maker Guy prop... almost.

Well, maybe when the schoolwork's done, then.


Rain, Rain, Go Away (Oh, it did!)

Yesterday morning as I got into the truck, our local NPR host was saying there was a 60% chance of rain. I quickly weighed going back inside for an umbrella, but thought that I'd take my chances with just my "Library Raid" jacket.

And, well, you saw the photo.

So I left the library at about 9:15pm. According to my student assistant's account, and the fact that the library fountain had drained a bit, the weather must have died down considerably. Which is frightening, given my experience.

I walked out of the library doors and turned directly into the face of the wind. The driving rain and wind was so gusty that it was hard to walk forward, and my poor new leather sneakers were submerged in a number of puddles/lakes as I made my way toward the parking lot.

Several times I almost fell over just from the force of the wind, so when I got to my truck, I kind of hurled my body inside. I sat there panting, assessing the damage. My jacket was soaked, so I peeled it off. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the side-effect of the driving force of the rain was that the back side of my body was completely dry. In stark contrast to my soaked front. Also my feet were bone-dry--I may have soaked my new shoes, but in doing so proved that Sketchers leather sneakers are about the most waterproof shoe short of galoshes. (And galoshes don't match my wardrobe.)

And then I discovered that the force of the rain had driven my right contact up behind my eyelid.

Leave aside for the moment that 1) this always grosses me out and 2) it's painful; my primary concern was that 3) I couldn't drive home with my dominant eye unaided. I sat. I blinked. I rolled my eye around while looking in the mirror. I prodded my eye with my finger.

Finally, I made the extremely foolhardy decision to start up the truck and see what happened. I backed up, and put the truck into drive--and the contact fell into place. There was some "oh praise GOD" uttered at that point, and I drove home.

The way home involved a lot of rain, blinding lightning, thunder peals that cut out my radio station momentarily, and all the other things that happen when a storm travels the same direction as you. I got home to find Alex holding the door open and warming the oven for chicken nuggets.

And my shoes are fine now, miraculously. Sketchers done good!

My thanks to Tihleigh for her phone message offering a place of refuge in Denton. Had I realized how bad it was earlier, I may have taken you up on that offer.


Butterfly in the Sky...

Yesterday was Julia "Butterfly" Hill's author visit and the conclusion to the 2007 Denton Reads program. Whew.

Now I have almost 4GB of photos to crunch, backup, sort, edit, and post online.

Julia dedicated a tree at the Emily Fowler Library, then her entourage and the executive committee of Denton Reads plus some special guests had a fantastic dinner at Gayla's house (UNT's English librarian). It was great to have some casual conversation with Julia & Co. Things we discussed included vegan cupcakes, a dog named Joe, and what it's like to be a couple named Kerol & Carolyn.

Alex and I popped back to my office to offload the nearly 1GB of photos from the morning, then walked to UNT's Auditorium Building to join about 240 other people listening to Julia speak. She's quite interesting, and completely unafraid to make fun of herself. We both enjoying listening to her, whether we agreed with what she said or not. There was a massive line of fans waiting for autographs afterward, and then Julia graciously stayed on to speak with about 15-20 steadfast fans. After 10pm, I was too exhausted to stay any longer, and we sadly left.

Observations from Julia:
  • God had the right idea--in the beginning, he created an organic garden and two naked vegans.
  • Don't give in to anger when you're pushing for a cause. MLK's speech was "I have a dream," not "I'm pi$$ed off at the government."
  • I'm not "granolier than thou."
During her talk and all day yesterday, I had a lot of interesting ponderings that would have made a great post. But then I was exhausted and slept, and this is the post you're left with.

Julia also mentioned a book and movement that talk about an unconventional Christian walk. She's the daughter of a traveling preacher; while I can't say that her beliefs completely agree with mine, I found some of her ideas interesting to ponder.
This also comes at a time when a friend of mine has been blogging about some interesting takes on political/social issues that I wouldn't have expected from someone who attended the same Baptist college that I did. But then, I'm no Baptist, myself.


What Weekend?

This is getting to be a pattern--weekends that are more heavily-scheduled even than my already-busy weekdays!

This weekend features:
...And dude, I just got back from Denver. So, um, that's really all I can post about right now. If you want to learn a little more about my two work trips and other fun stuff I've been up to for the past two weeks, check out my professional blog: geeky artist librarian. Personally, I'm going to go run some errands and charge the camera battery in preparation for tomorrow's Day of Hectic-ousity (I'm also acting as photographer for all Denton Reads events).


Mile-High City, Day 1

Well, after nearly five hours of sleep, my loving husband dropped me off at the DFW airport this morning. This will be a rather brief post because I've got a few moments to myself, and this is--warning, mushy alert--the first time we've not spent the night together in over six years. Call it weird or creepy or just plain sweet, I don't care--he's my best friend and there's really been no need to not be together until now... I had to travel for work on too short of a notice for him to accompany me.

Apart from the frustration of not having my best bud around to share all of this with, it's been great thus far. Flying turns me into a happily hyperactive six-year-old (although I did manage to read a chapter and a half of the book I'm reviewing for the Journal of Web Librarianship), the Denver airport is quite nice, the highlight of the shuttle drive was passing gorgeous Coors Field (again, missing my best friend to share this with!!), I enjoyed the DLC sessions thus far, and I'm having a blast with My New Awesome Boss-To-Be. (She loves movies, particularly action and sci-fi--is that made-to-order, or what?) Plus, I got to briefly catch up with my Former Awesome Boss, who I'm glad to see soooo much happier in her new position.

And now I leave you, because there's a certain charming best-friend-love of mine that I need to call.


Work/Travel Trump Blogging

I've been at the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio, and am soon on my way to the Federal Depository Library Council Meeting in Denver--be back on April 19th.

Don't worry, I've made tons of wry, entertaining observations on paper that I'll translate to the digital medium, astounding you with the scope of my wit. Or... something.


It's All Banter

Sorry, Auntie K, about the news tease earlier... All three news items have been decided now, but all are as yet unofficial, and I'm reluctant to reveal them publicly here. Hmph. For those of you who have half an idea what I'm talking about, however, let me say this:
  1. Yes, I will.
  2. Yes, we did.
  3. Yes, she did.