Things You Can't Do During a Blackout

(...for 8 1/2 hours.)
  • cook
  • read after dark
  • play games after dark
  • shower after dark (not advised, anyway)
  • blowdry your hair
  • light candles (too hot)
  • use A/C or fans
  • get online
  • use power tools to finish putting up crown moulding
  • snuggle (too hot)
  • sleep in the bedroom (too hot)
  • set the alarm clock
Things You Can Do During a Blackout
  • order pizza
  • read before dark
  • look at stuff (offline) on the computer until the UPS's power runs out
  • listen to the UPS warning beep for forty-five minutes
  • discuss home improvement projects
  • look at the IKEA catalog by flashlight
  • be thankful that it rained so hard that the drought-hardened ground is actually muddy
  • fold a paper fan and cool yourself the old-fashioned way
  • fold laundry
  • sleep on the couch because it's cooler in the living room
  • set the alarm on your cell phone
  • be startled awake at 1:34am when the power comes on, simultaneously turning on the kitchen light, living room fan, bedroom light, and TV
  • (thereafter have trouble getting to sleep and then have really bizarre dreams)

(Also, I got Blogger Beta from Google--hooray! Nifty features like categories to appear soon in a blog near you.... er, this one, to be exact.)

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