Movie Review: Darkman (1990)

So right off: not so much "Darkman" as "Man Who Keeps Rubber--er, Skin--Masks in the Dark But Himself Runs Around in the Daylight." There are maybe three night scenes in the whole movie. (One of which is the explosion scene, and the second of which is after the explosion but before he's really Darkman.)

What's in a name, right?

Line which garnered the most unintentional laughter:
Liam Neeson (growling maniacally and menacingly):
"Take the f***ing elephant."
(The elephant in question being a giant pink plush carnival prize.)

Runner-up for most unintentional laughter:
Louis aka the Bad Guy: "You're going down, Burn Head!"

Regarding the special effects: 1990 was apparently a lot longer ago than I realized. If this was, as I have heard, amazing for its time, then it's no wonder that three years later we watched in open-mouthed awe as Spielberg breathed dinosaurs to life on the silver screen. And might I add that they still look incredible, versus the painful-to-watch greenscreen-pasted-on antics of Darkman.

But you know what made the whole movie worth it? At the very end, seeing Darkman walk off with Bruce Campbell's face. Any movie retains some modicrum of worth if it's got a Bruce Campbell cameo.

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