Life in Line

Well, this is Day Four of the line. We're lining up with the DFW FanForce group to support Rainbow Days, a Dallas charity, and to get good seats! We've had tickets since the 15th, so this is purely for good works, geek companionship, and a good seat.

We pitched our tent at the Cinemark Legacy lot on Saturday and have been camping there ever since. Most asked questions (by the press, passers-by, and scoffing teenagers) include:

Where do you go to the bathroom?
How long have you been out here?
How long will you be here?
Do you still go to work?
Do you have a life?
Why would you do such an incredibly weird thing?
How on earth does this support charity?

I long to answer such questions with the age-old universal answer "42," but in fact the answers are...

1) Cinemark lets us in until about an hour after closing, then from about midnight until around 10am, we use the RaceTrack gas station nearby.
2) Four days. With the weather, it feels like fifteen.
3) Fifteen (until May 18th/19th at midnight).
4) Yes, we work. We sign in and out each day in a logbook that tracks our total hours, and some people bring laptops to finish work in the line. We don't just sit there for three weeks straight doing nothing!
5) Yes. If you're rude enough to ask such a question, you obviously have no strange passions in your life and I feel sorry for you.
6) Because it's the last of a series of movies that, for our group of friends, has been a big part of our lives. We don't worship the Force or name our kids Darth Vader (although I could tell you stories...), we just share a common interest that brings us together.

And the important question, #7: How does this support charity? Well, in a couple of ways. Our line tends to bring a lot of media attention, which in turn brings a lot of people walking by to gape at the people weird enough to sit in freezing, rainy wind outside. We tell these people about the charity we support, and enough of them donate pocket change or donate toward raffle tickets that we end up raising money. The raffle offers second place in the line (with no waiting!) and a variety of Star Wars-themed prizes. Also, a number of us are seeking support from family, friends, and amiable strangers who will pledge a certain amount of money per hour we spend in line, rather like a Walk- or Jog-a-thon. If you are interested in supporting any of us, please email me. More updates, and photos of our in-line shenanigans, to come!

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