Favorite Fun Librarian Sites

Just for your own library-nerd fun:
  • www.unshelved.com A webcomic about a youth librarian who'd rather read comics, play computer games, and discuss the finer points of Star Wars than answer mindless patron inquiries.
  • www.mcaphee.com/laf/ The Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure: 'nuff said.
  • www.loganberrybooks.com A Bookstore in Ohio that offers to solve mysteries about vaguely-remembered childhood books, including a database of solved Book Mysteries.
  • www.cafepress.com/curmudgeony.16711776 Librarian Gear, Part 1
  • www.cafepress.com/katchoo Librarian Gear, Part 2
  • www.cafepress.com/librarian Librarian Gear, Part 3 (Librarian Avengers)

It's Time to Start the Music...

I think it's appropriate to begin with a Muppet Show quote.

SLIS 5206 is called Information Retrieval Design. We're learning about content management systems, including such topics as PHP, MySQL, RSS, and blogging (hence this assignment!). I enjoy the database design and like the PHP coding--unless I'm trying to find where I forgot a pesky concluding semicolon.

Enough intro: on with the show!