Trekkies & Hypocrites

So, last night we watched Trekkies. (Yes, finally.)

Alex pointed out that we're terrible for making (admittedly hilarious) comments to each other about the film. He maintains that we're not horrible primarily because of the comments themselves, but because we're mocking Trekkies when we each spent over 300 hours in line for Star Wars. And went to Celebration II and III. In costume. As characters so obscure, only one out of every ten rabid Star Wars fans recognized who we were.

I don't think we're that bad--I subscribe to the ancient philosophy, "it takes one to know one." Therefore, we're not hypocritical, we're mockers that have been informed about the topic by extensive research. But it was interesting to note, yet again, how Star Trek fans are predominantly nerdy, whereas Star Wars fans are predominantly geeky. And how while I am both a nerd and a geek in various contexts, for the purposes of scifi I am predominantly geek. (Revisit the differences between the two in this post.)

And can I just say that Denise Crosby will always be cool in my book? Particularly when she's giggling off-camera at Brent Spiner's remark concerning an illustration of their two characters... getting along quite well.

And yes, for the record, I am a huge ST:TNG fan. When I was in middle school, it was hard to tell if I was crushing on LeVar Burton because of Reading Rainbow or NextGen.

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