Freaks or Geeks?

And here we are, myself as Pink Five (now officially dubbed "Pink Seven" by Trey) and Alex as The Ice Cream Maker Guy from the Empire Strikes Back. This was us leaving Celebration III on Sunday... thankfully, Alex's hairdye washed out before we got to my grandparents' house that evening!


Adventures in Geekland: Episode I

So, here I am back from C3! We had a grand old time--check out the photos of Alex and myself in costume on the rebelscum website.

But by far the highlight of the entire time was... drumroll, please... meeting Trey Stokes and Amy Earhart of Pink Five fame!! Yes, indeed, my daydream of meeting them both and having them sign my freshly-painted Pink Five helmet were granted and I had a grand old time--but I must say that Trey's account is far more interesting and hilarious than my reproducing it here, so check out his blog account of C3. It includes a photo of myself in costume, so let the humiliation begin! ;)

More to come, including photos, once my husband uploads them... Keep looking here!


Master of Disguise

So, it's less than a week until CIII, and we're still completing costumes. Not that we like to cut it close or anything...

Alex's initial costume idea isn't ready, so we'll try to have it ready for DragonCon next year; until then, it's a secret! He's got two back-up costumes planned, to be revealed while we're in Indy--stay posted and I'll post some photos and fun info on his--hilarious--character.

My costume is no longer secret, as I'm so excited I keep blabbing about it (as evidenced by previous post). I'm working on my Pink Five X-wing helmet right now. We had to buy a medium-youth size football helmet ("not for use after ninth grade" says the warning sticker; do you think it's okay for a 26-year old to wear?). My head was too small for either the X-wing costume helmets or the actual fighter pilot helmets we found on Ebay (plus, yaknow, the used football helmet was 40 bucks cheaper!).

I've got to mold on the ear pieces, add the visor shield, paint it, and add the "Chicks Rule" sticker. And I've got a minor amount of work on the clothing, but nothing much. I couldn't find pink boots in time; I'll have to buy some next winter.

To understand how costume-crazy we are, for Celebration II three years ago, we spent two weeks sculpting a Saesee Tiin alien head for Alex. We bought actual ram horns online, made a metal frame for them, and used floam (that Nickelodeon-brand foam), canvas, latex, and paint to create the thing. It weighed something like ten pounds and gave Alex a huge headache, but with the face paint and Jedi robe, it was quite impressive. (I'll post photos for it when I get my other computer back on the network.)

Not that we're weird, or anything...


Adventures in Geekland (Prequel)

Well, it's that time again... I know it's not the last week of school, but it might as well be, since I am leaving for a week-long vacation--Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis-- in less than a week, and most of my major projects are due the day after I get back or the following Monday. Yikes.

I can't get online much right now since my husband is working from home (and our router is on the fritz)--suffice to say, completeing two online classes and testing code while not actually online is interesting... difficult... impossible!

Maybe I should work some more on finishing my costume... To see how immensely geeky I am, check out my costume's inspiration, two Star Wars fan films:

Pink Five
Pink Five Strikes Back
Return of Pink Five (Trailer)