Why I Married A Geek

(Been awhile, hasn’t it? Missed me? Well, I’ll possibly be posting even more infrequently until summer—for reasons why, see the end of this post.)

Deceptive title: I really married Alex for far more serious reasons, but y’know, this anecdote to me just accentuates what a truly awesome human being he is.

Last week, I was at work late Tuesday night, and my husband called to ask if I had a list somewhere of the comics I had and comics I wanted. It not being very close to my birthday, our anniversary, or Christmas (we don’t do Valentine’s Day, see previous posts for reasons), I was immediately suspicious. But my husband, being the master of misdirection that he is, somehow convinced me that this was just an off-hand thought and not anything big. I thusly supplied him with a loooong email list of my desires, and promptly forgot about it as I returned to the hundreds of messages in my email inbox.

I got home, and Alex points to the kitchen counter and says, “what do you think?” And there, O Happy Day, O Frabjous Joy, were volumes 1 and 2 of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men run, Serenity: Those Left Behind in hardback (yes I’ve heard that it sucks, and no I don’t much care), and—most wonderful of all—volumes 3 – 9 of Y: The Last Man. Seven. Volumes. Of Y!!!

So yeah, I’m pretty much drunk off of the awesomeness of that sudden comics windfall. My loving best friend informed me that he was proud of me getting into the PhD program (read here for more on my experience thus far), and that he wanted to give me something short and fun to enjoy during my all-too-few breaks this semester. (Oh, did I mention yet that I’m still working full-time, commuting 2 hours a day, and am now taking a full-time graduate load of three courses this spring? And that we’re trying to get our house ready to entice people to purchase it so that we can then build one? And that I will never, ever have a free moment again in my life? Well… um… consider yourself informed now.)

Yep. My husband, Bestower of Comic-y Goodness, rocks.