Zombies, Aliens, and Consoles, Oh My!

Just because I know you've always dreamed of knitting zombies, here's a Flickr slideshow of Dawn of the Dead--in tiny, gory knitted dolls. Here's my favorite one, Flyboy, and his non-knitted-inspiration.

Just in case you were stressing over the whole Han/Greedo/who-shot-first thing, here are some bookends that solve the issue by blocking their view. Greedo's saved by the books!

Check out these charts of popular game console prices from 1976 to the prices for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (add the projected $200 for the Nintendo Wii yourself). Yeah, the author's got a point that the PS3's $500-600 price tag isn't the most expensive... but then again, how many of the over-$400 (adjusted) consoles became household names? The most popular systems have consistently been $200-300 (absolute), with more of them close to $200 than not.

Along with reports like this and this, Sony doesn't look to be in a good place right now.

I must gleefully add, regarding the Wii: old games! nostalgia! lightsabers!!!


Trey Stokes said...

Those Dawn of the Dead knitted dolls are brilliant. Especially because you can actually recognize the characters - Flyboy, the zombie nurse, the blood-pressure gaucho, Peter and Roger, and even Tom Savini.

Me want.

Starrlett said...

Heck, I want the patterns. This right here could be the reason I decide to take up knitting.