Sssh! Skirt

Well, my hair's too short to put in a bun, but maybe my cateye glasses and this skirt will let people know my true profession:

  • 1 plaid wool skirt with lining
  • 4 colors felt
  • contrasting thread
  • black lace trim
  • silver chain (charm bracelet on clearance)
First, I had to hem the skirt and lining, then add lace to the lining, before I could even begin the felt applique. This took a ridiculous amount of time, although not as much as I feared. I'm pretty happy with the result.

I'm terrified to log into Bloglines. I've not opened my account in seven days. That's a lot of posts to sift through...


Auntie K said...


(I've been reading Roget's).

Auntie K said...

You need to sell these on Etsy. Or get a booth at ALA or something!

Starrlett said...

Hee, hee, thanks! I'll show you in person tomorrow, if you work...

The Yawning Man said...

Nice pics! I got a good chuckle at the way you presented your garb.

Say hi to Alex for me!