There's no real way to begin or to tell all, so I'll give you the essentials.

Saturday, I joined Nathan, Karen, Ann, and many other SLIS-ers garbed in black robes and funny hats. It was great--a much more intimate setting than my MA ceremony, which was a) at the Coliseum, and b) shared with the 600 MBA candidates. This was at Murchison Performing Arts Center, in a room smaller than (but slightly reminiscent of) HSU's Behrens Chapel. We grads waited backstage, chatting and giggling and trying to figure out how to fold and hold the darned hoods. Then we filed in, trying to catch the eyes of friends and family.

We all had a laugh when Dr. Totten realized the mic wasn't working. Then we heard several speakers--one concerning duct tape and our future--and suddenly it's time to walk the stage. I felt compassion for the lone undergraduate who nervously had to walk alone; but then it was our turn. My "H" last name put me near to my three pals, which was nice.

Then it was all surreal and fuzzy as I walked onto the stage. Dr. Hastings hooded me, whispering, "We're proud of you, baby--go do great things!" Then I walked across the rest of the stage to get my diploma, suddenly acutely aware that my if my high heels had been tap shoes, they could not have been louder. Thereafter, I tried to walk on the balls of my feet. As I passed Dr. Turner, he surreptitously gave a little wave. I took the diploma from Dr. Totten and smiled dazedly into the camera, walked off to smile dazedly again for the portrait in front of the flags, then walked back to my seat (it was the wrong one, I discovered later), and grinned back at my family like a loon.

We walked out to clapping and cheering family and friends--yep, I heard you, Edward--and then tried to find them all amidst the throng in Murchison's hall. I got hugs and grins from Dr. Turner, Karen, Amanda, and Nathan as we excitedly gabbed and introduced various family members. I finally found my people, gave my hubby a huge squeeze, and then we all took off for dinner at Tia's.

Alex and I took a little longer, so that he could take some photos of me, including the goofy one you see above. At Tia's, we tried to talk amidst the unbelieveable noise, and enjoyed great food--I splurged and ordered extra guacamole, even though my chicken was already garnished with avacados--heavenly.

At home, Mom and Dad brought cookies n' cream and we enjoyed bowls of it while chatting some more and trying to let the events of the day sink in.

Sunday, we had a Mother's Day picnic out at McKinney Trade Days with both of our moms, and found some crazy flea-market items.

I've edited all the grad photos, but won't put them up on Flickr until I've backed up what I currently have up there--hopefully in the next few days, I'll get them up. (Hoping to upload a big image gallery program in the coming weeks, and provide the most recent highlights in my Flickr rotation.)

So now I'm all MLS-i-fied and feel so happy and proud that it must be emblazoned across my chest in bright red letters.

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Auntie K said...

You should be proud! I hope to someday follow in your footsteps, Starrlett. But I'll remember the bit about loud heels!