Assorted Mish-Mash

...So looking back on it, I didn't even have to march to Washington (see comments under the photo). Huh.

Pictures for my Gmail account! How much sweeter can they make this gig?

C,mon, Spurs. You can do it.
You've done the impossible before. I remember.

A question mark, a doctor with two names, a lying father, and a sham psychic walk into a hatch... I'm perusing Lost message boards for the perverse pleasure of finding occassional good theories and loads of ridiculous ones, bad spelling, and angry replies. Can't wait for tonight's episode, even though that only brings us closer to the season-ender's inevitably question-raisingly unsatisfying cliff-hanger.

Sigh. Why do I torture myself this way?

Note to self: some open-source image galleries...

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