And Here's Starr With the News

Hi, Big Brother!

If you haven't heard this story already, you probably don't want to know. (But just in case you wanted to hear about a 20-year-dead naked corpse pickled in a rum barrel, I'm linking it. )

Wow--and here I thought all that fictional futuristic weather control stuff was just that--futuristic and ficitonal. Meet George Jetson--or at least Doc Brown.

Tom Cruise, now look what you started.

Oh Microsoft, how you make me laugh. Let me count the ways.

1) You're getting on the search engine bandwagon about four years too late. Google isn't remotely scared. Probably because they've seen your earlier products.

2) So you're updating IE, eh? With tabs, eh? So, first you're copycat-ing Google, now you're copycat-ing Firefox? Any original ideas out there?

3) Oh, besides the graphic-intensive new OS you've reportedly designed. Like I want to have to buy a new graphics card for an OS, not a game.

4) Did I mention that Vista's delayed? ...Again? Or make that: again-again-again?

5) Proof that MS doesn't play well with others.

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