Give Me a Hand, Willya?

So, particularly in light of the NSA phone records, I'm thinking about personal security. On the radio this morning, the DJs were discussing thumbscans. UNT is already using this system. Admittedly, this is more convenient than a signature, and a bit more difficult to forge (I'm assuming it isn't fooled by making "copies" of someone's thumbprint with a bit of dried glue or glove, a' la Charlie's Angels). But personally, I just can't shake the thought that if my money's going to be stolen, I'd rather my wallet was taken than my thumb.

Um, hello, remember Minority Report? What about Demolition Man? And yes, I did just make a serious reference to one of the most deliciously self-consciously goofy sci-fi movies ever made.

Still. They've got a point.

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Tigpan said...

Yes!! One step away from microchips in our forehead! come Lord Jesus! :)