Summer is for Faeries

Okay, Kristen's post about fairy doors reminded me of this spectacularly cool fairy garden store I found about three years ago. Which makes me think all kinds of faerie-related thoughts; about Brian Froud and Alan Lee's beautiful work Faeries, about how my beyond-cool Aunt Carol sent me several metal garden faeries last year to live in my flowerbed, how my mom and I repainted one of her garden faerie statues (she's now a blonde wearing blue, instead of a green-clad brunette), the cheeky "Bag End" and "No Goblins or Trolls" faerie doors at the Fat Fairy Bazaar, how I'm still mad at myself for not buying the "Fairies Live at the Bottom of this Garden" plaque at HomeDepot Expo, and how I'm sure that faeries of all kinds are avoiding my out-of-control landscape at the moment.

Who wouldn't want a tiny statuette of a nose-picking gargoyle?

Plus, it makes me think of many creative, writer-y and painter-y thoughts... maybe during that week+ off I should take some creative time that's not web-design-related to satiate my seasonal faerie fever.


Auntie K said...

Now I think I need to start gardening so I can build a fairy garden!

Starrlett said...

hey, the advantage is that it's small. i'm thinking, maybe tiny weeds won't be so hard to keep up with. :)

mab said...

I love your blog; I love faeries too! Stop by my blog and see...I shall return to yours.

love & light,