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I must say, Sandra Tayler is extremely wise, creative, honest, and fun. I came to read her blog in an odd, round-about association:

1) I read the webcomic "Joe Loves Crappy Movies"
2) I was searching for more information its creator, Joe Dunn
3) I found a blog post about the "Coolest Dudes" in webcomics
4) That mentioned that the author reads the blog of Howard Taylor, author of Schlock Mercenary
5) And even more avidly reads his wife's blog
6) I checked it out, and I'm hooked.

She writes about being a stay-at-home mom with four kids, and how they try to live frugally as a family so that Howard can continue to work fulltime on his webcomic. But it's less about the webcomic and more about her joys, struggles, and great ideas as a parent. I also like it because she was a gamer chick, so I feel more connected and less like I'm reading a "mommy" blog. Some of her more recent neat thoughts:

Unrelated Banter:


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Hoorah for Weekly Webcomic Reviews!