A brief update on the final days of my vacation:
  • sewed a shirt out of a Star Wars sheet
  • embellished a shirt to match the librarian skirt (which I'll wear for my first day of work tomorrow!)
  • went shooting with Alex and Joel yesterday
  • re-upholstered 1 of 4 chairs thus far
  • Alex and his dad got three walls up for our building's bathroom
  • it's really, really humid
  • I didn't get Kristen's message that she had seen the final Lost until yesterday, so I couldn't post anything about it, like:
  • Eeek! Will Michael & Walt be back? Is Faux Henry "Him?" Etc... The irony is that...
  • we finally broke down and got satellite...
  • a week after the final episode, which I should have DVR-ed because we need to see it again. And again.

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Auntie K said...

Hooray for how productive you were on your vacation. And I'm LOL about the satellite timing. Enjoy all your (almost) commercial-free viewing! Personally, I advise recording everything, or just starting something 15 minutes late so you can FF through the ads. It's lovely.