What You Can Do With Half a Weekend

1. Spring Cleaning in Fall

Alex’s computer room now has twice as much floor-space, and he has several additional items on eBay and a nice stack of items still to be listed.And this in a weekend when I worked Saturday! I took two of those 33-gallon trashbags out yesterday, I have several power supplies to somehow recycle, and a growing pile of things to take to good ol’ Goodwill.

2. To Best Buy... And Back Again

Yes, we bought the much-longed-for Star Wars original trilogy set on DVD. And we're going to return it.

No, it's not defective. It's Lucas, in my opinion, who's defective. We decided to read a DVD-Talk review before we burst the shrinkwrap, since they've been reliable sources in the past. Mentions of few new special features, the lackluster look of the un-restored originals next to last years' beauties, the 4.3 format with black bars instead of true widescreen formatting (!!!), and the fact that we already have the sparklingly-gorgeous-but-wrong special editions on DVD all gave us reason to shake our heads with frustration and be slightly happy that we'll be getting over $60 back from Best Buy.

Oh, did you notice that next year is SW's 30th anniversary? And we all know how Lucasfilm loves to profit off of anniversaries. Here's some speculation/rumor/fact about what will be in the confirmed 2008 "saga" release of all 6 movies in one pack. Perhaps this set will include the deleted scenes that were rumored to be included in the special edition DVDs we all bought. But personally, I can't hold my breath that long.

Here's a fun track record of changes made to the Star Wars Saga.

Unrelated Banter:
  • PS3 Downtime Donations: like SETI@Home or Folding@Home, there are rumors that the PS3 will enable charitably-hearted gamers to donate processor time in their downtime. Neat feature, even though I'd rather spend less and have more fun with a Wii.
  • Brown: no longer my enemy. In fact, when speaking of my closet color-dominance, you might say that brown is the new black. (Well, okay, not quite; at least half of my closet will always be black. Brown is more like the new plum.)
  • How do we know that Weird Al is a genius? Because his new single, "White and Nerdy," is a delicious parody including two insanely hilarious lines:
  • "I'm fluent in javascript as well as Klingon"
  • "Only question I ever thought was hard, was do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard"


Auntie K said...

Do love brown. And there is no doubt that Wierd Al is a genius. Who else could get Bev-er-ly-Hill-bill-ies out of I-Want-My-M-T-V? Will definitely have to check out the new album.

Starr Hoffman said...

Heh, heh! I had no idea you were a Weird Al fan!! You should check out the video for it, too (I use Yahoo LaunchCast)--it's genius, particularly when you compare it to the spoofed song, "Ridin'."

I laughed *twice* as hard once I saw it.