Peer--er, Sheer Pressure

Seasonal allergies would be a relief--then I wouldn't hurt all year long.

I've never been tested for allergens, so I have no idea what I'm allergic to--but I have a sneaking suspicion that if I was tested, I'd come up positive for dust and old books. Dude, I work in a library.

My face is a mask of intense pressure whirling in a mad cycle; cheekbones, teeth, temples, ears, over and over again. The way I keep pressing on my face with my hands probably makes me look like the horrified protagonist in a gothic novel: "Oh, why must I be continually tortured like this?"

And now a haiku, entitled:
"Upon Taking Claritin-D and Excedrin"

medicine cocktail
my fingers hum with caffeine
sinusitis sucks

--thank you and good night.

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