Pet Peeves and Other Joys

  • Improper use of the word: "literally." I wish I could remember the NPR anchor's irritating flub last night, so that I could mercilessly mock it here. Ah, well, my forgetfulness has saved him from my ire.
  • A (unofficial) list of non-liquid and other airline-approved carry-on items. Is it ironic that this list of items like powdered shaving solution, powdered sunscreen, and tooth powder, made me think about the powdery nature of many explosives? (Um, gunpowder, anyone?) I mean, to me, a can of tooth powder is a bit more suspect than a tube of toothpaste.
  • What a great idea: wiki textbooks for students in developing countries. Free and never out-of-date!
  • Hey, Munch's The Scream has been recovered, two years after it was stolen! Hooray!

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