Tuesday Tizzy

Tuesdays I'm up around 6:15, at work by 8:30, inevitably have several meetings to attend, work at the service desk from 4 to 6pm, have half an hour to grab dinner and run over to the SLIS building, and then I'm in class from 6:30 to 9:30, get home around 10:30, hug my hubby, gaze longingly at the DVR where a new episode of Eureka awaits, and fall exhausted into bed.

(Or that's what probably should happen, but as demonstrated last spring, usually Alex and I chatter cheerily until I realize it's close to 1am and I have to get up at 6:45 the next day.)

Why, oh why, is the Super Mario 2 soundtrack stuck in my head? Dangit, I'd happily settle for 1 or 3, but I always found 2 a little... odd. Probably because the whole veggie-throwing game is odd! And perhaps it's influenced by the Most Awesome McDonald's Commercial Ever for SuperMario happy meals that Alex and I saw yesterday.

And after Super Size Me, I thought I'd never crave fast food again...

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Auntie K said...

Yeah, the Super Size Me effect only lasts so long. For it to be permanent, I would have to watch it about once a week.