Autumnal Thoughts

Things I Like About the Two Days of Fall Weather in Texas
Warm green tea on a cool morning.
The opportunity to wear my long-sleeved (but thin) Batman zip-up.
Getting the down comforter out from the closet--but not really desperate about it yet.
The way the cool weather seems to sharpen the air; everything looks a little clearer, crisper.
The beginning of a fresh television season cycle, before reruns set in.

What I'm Going to Hate by Late October
Not getting to wear open-toed shoes.
Salad or any other cold meal just makes me pouty.
My nose constantly running.
Showering in the cold in the morning.
Purple fingernails from typing, no matter how cranked the heater is.
Sadly attempting to avoid "empty calories" from warm-and-toasty coffee and hot cocoa.

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