Happy (Belated) Blog Day!

Since I was sick on Blog Day, I'll post my five blogs to highlight a week late. After rummaging through my 87 feeds on Bloglines, I'd have to say these are my top 5 (both professional and personal):

1) Bark Like a Fish, Damnit!
-- first I discovered Ursula Vernon's Digger, a gorgeous/inventive/humorous webcomic about a wombat (just read it), then I discovered her gorgeous art, and now I am addicted to her often laugh-out-loud blog posts about gardening, being an artist, creative writing, and the occassional health crisis
2) Auntie K's Blog
-- of course, I'd be obligated to read this blog even if it wasn't fantastic, since I highly suspect I'm the person who got her into this blogging business--but I count it among my favorites because her brief, inventive posts contain nuggets of humor, insight, and great link references
3) Librarian in Black
-- for her awesome finds, techie talk, brevity/frequency of posts, and our mutual belief in the superiority of black attire
4) dooce
-- an amazingly humorous mix of pop culture, family life, non-traditional parenting, and... well, you really have to read it to understand (don't read it if you are offended by the occassional--or frequent--profanity)
5) slashdot
-- for the "geekery" spot, Slashdot edges out boingboing because it's easier to keep up with posts, and because I've subscribed to it longer
-- and also because it has cute icons for its categories (I love the Bill-Gates-as-the-Borg one)

Honorable Mention:


Auntie K said...

I'm so honored to be in company with Librarian in Black and slashdot--thank you. And yes, you are the person who inspired me to start blogging. But fame brings so much pressure! I can feel my few creative juices drying up and evaporating as I type.

Starr Hoffman said...

Ooops. ;)