The Long and the Short of It

Let me preface this post: I spent three months transcribing nineteenth-century letters. I pass by a poster of the U.S. Bill of Rights every day at work. I studied medieval history. I was an English major, dangit!

So then, should I be ashamed that, every time I see the Bill of Rights, I read it as "Congrefs?"

I know all about the long s. I know it intimately, from Lorenzo de Zavala to James Madison to Milton. I've got enough degrees to be ashamed of the amount of time and money I've spent in that endeavor.

And still... Congrefs. Every time I read a document by one of the founding fathers, I get this mental impression of them speaking to each other like Daffy Duck, lisping and spluttering over each other. It's not such a dignified image of, say, good 'ol Tom Jefferson: "You Federalists are deth-picable!"

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