Good News Comes in Twos!

(some news decidedly more important than others...)
  1. My congrats to Kali and Joel! Now I've got two pregger friends again; is this officially Gen X-er Babies, Round 3? (No, I do not plan on participating.*) It's been awhile; for my circle, Round 1 started in 2001 and I think Round 2 ended in early 2004.
  2. Wii console November 19th! For $250!! 30 classic games available for between $5-10! Let the nostaglic-awesome-fun begin.
*Was this really your business, anyway? Stop asking.
I say this with the fondest regard for my family and friends... and my deepest conviction that "when are you two going to start having kids?" is a (unintentionally) rude, rude question.


Tihleigh said...

Think of me. If I'm not allowed to ask you that question incessantly, what will I do for a hobby?

Pish tosh.

or whatever

Starr Hoffman said...

heheheh. but see, you're so blunt in your normal manner anyway that it somehow seems less offensive coming from you. :)

Tihleigh said...

Moi? Blunt? Never!