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Yesterday, I had my first Preservation lab. We learned Mylar techniques--encapsulating, book jacket covers, and pamphlet covers! I learned a most valuable lesson: I am neither coordinated nor patient enough to work easily with Mylar. Ah well, it's good to know your limits, right?

I did enjoy using telephone insulators to weight down the projects--it reminded me of my Grandpa, who used to collect these (he worked for Bell back in the day). His basement was filled with hundreds of them. I need to ask Grandpa if he's got any left that I could put in my garden. (Or rather, my collection of bedraggled plants that once resembled a garden. If any fairies truly live at the bottom of my garden, right now they are very depressed.)

Preserving books, to telephone insultators, to fairies. Never say I don't keep you entertained... or at least confused.

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