'Tis the Season

Shameless Self-Promotion, or Convenience to Family and Friends? You decide, by visiting my addition to the links at left, Starr's Wishlist. (And no, I'm not suggesting you buy everything from Amazon--I prefer books in hardback form, but used/cheap is fine, and Best Buy really has better prices on DVDs.)


Kodiak said...

Hey Starr,

I noticed that you included "Pink Moon" in your wishlist.
I have that CD, and would gladly give you a copy to tide you over until someone bought it for you!

See, that's what geeks do. They make copies because they can't afford the real thing.

Starrlett said...

Heh, heh, thanks, but I can wait. I'm actually not listening to CDs much at the moment, while I ponder the merit of buying an MP3 player--but then I need a way to plug it into my truck for my long commute to Denton. Sigh.

Thanks, though! ;-)