Escape Artist

It's not allowed to be November already.

Alex is reading Ringworld while I read Neverending Story (almost done!) and work on those "Fairy Tail" images in the evening. We haven't had a Reading Cycle in awhile now--in fact, the last time I remember that we had a mutual Reading Cycle was when Alex was reading LOTR, which was quite some time back. We're both enjoying how relaxing it is--lately I've been either too sinus-headache-y for a "boom-y" movie, or just felt too stressed to watch a movie with any kind of conflict--which leaves, what, the Muppet Show?

So it's nice to have a bit of pleasure-reading time--ahh, escapism--although I haven't got nearly enough of it to commit to Knife of Dreams. Maybe when I finish the images, and the website report, and my research paper... Like when classes end on December 12th! ;-)

Yesterday, I painted three more pharaoh heads and added the border stripes to the Egyptian mural. I hope to paint again Friday, and perhaps Saturday, since I need to finish by the 11th.

We won't mention the current state of the house or the fact that Jared comes into town Friday night (yay for company, eeek for cleaning!). Maybe if I'm lucky, tiny little elves will clean it for me in the meantime. Or big, cleanly ogres--I'm not picky.

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