TP Mystery

Either there was some kind of pee emergency this weekend at the library, or one of the sororities decided that stealing all the TP from the ladies' rooms was a great prank. Either way, if you're planning on coming to the library tonight to study and you're bringing a water bottle, then BYOTP.


Kodiak said...

Ah, college.

A time for the young to transition into adulthood. A time to fortify your mind with the accumulation of knowledge. A time to prove your worth to society by choosing a path for your future.

A time to play silly pranks that make your parents regret ever paying your tuition.

Ungrateful beasts.

Starrlett said...

ROFL--you got it. Luckily, the usual TP stock was replenished as of this morning. If they took the top two floors as well, that's at least 24 rolls stolen, not counting the other wing of the library. Sheesh. You could make some serious mummies with that kind of stock.