Nostalgic Interlude

I've found it!

First I found the Commander Keen games available online, now I return to PC gaming nostalgia with "Another Lifeless Planet and me with No Beer." Some of you may be shocked to learn that I played this game in eighth grade, constantly--and even more shocked that my somewhat strict parents approved. But the game isn't really about Beer, it's a humorous text-based game that involves odd situations while attempting to leave the afore-mentioned Lifeless Planet.

It's kinda sad really; I found the game online on a review site that trashed it, saying it was poorly written, had boring puzzles, and wasn't funny. Well, it wasn't the most challenging game--except for the very last step, that I never finished and the reason why I've been searching for the game--but I always found it amusing. And I love those cheesy text-based pictures! Wow, 80s high-tech!

And I mean come on, the game was shareware--can you fault something that's free entertainment? I mean, Warner charged money for people to go see Catwoman--that's an issue that should get you upset.

In other news, I've decided that this is officially the Best Fall Ever. Temperatures usually in the 70s or 80s, and "cool fronts" instead of cold ones--I'm all over that. This South Texas gal likes her sunshine and her warmth. Oh, and miracle of miracles, this is the first fall in my life that I have seen the titular reason for the season--leaves in action, falling. Honest-to-goodness, I'd never seen it before. And I've seen it, not once, but many many days, leaves just floating to the ground like golden snowflakes. It's so graceful and tranquil... even if it leaves the trees stark naked and depressed-looking.

To go back to nostaglia... we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. I enjoyed it, but was pretty surprised that there are actually a few things that I preferred from the 70's version (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, to be technical).

Best Looking Wonka: C&CF
Best Acting/Singing/Slightly Creepy Wonka: WW&CF
Best Looking Oompa-Loompas: C&CF
Best Oompa-Loompa Songs: WW&CF (With the exception of the great Augustus Gloop song in C&CF)
Best Charlie/Grandpa Joe: C&CF (by a MILE)
Best Overall Visuals/Overall Movie: C&CF

The Great Glass Elevator rocked, and I really did love Depp's performance, but there's just something about Gene Wilder's creepy "and the rowers keep on ROWING!" that will stick with me from childhood. And before my fellow Readers "get all up ons," YES, the book(s) are infinitely better and always will be. My friend, movies are at a disadvantage because they have to use financial budgets instead of imaginations. Let's be kind to them.

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