Do Not Open Until Christmas

Thanksgiving was pleasant and restful. After our dinner with the Hoffman-Majors clan, my parents, Alex, and I enjoyed some vanilla ice cream with the cranberry relish that we forgot to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Alex, Dad, and I went out in the insanely wee hours of the post-Thanksgiving morn to shop at Best Buy, Staples, Michael's, and Home Depot--I am happy to report that Best Buy now has the formerly chaotic Black Friday Sale down to a precise art form.

I spent this afternoon wrapping presents beside a fully-lit Christmas tree. It is a symbol of my holiday triumph; I have only two gifts left to purchase, all of Alex's presents are wrapped, and my tree is up and lit before November has ended. This is a good sign for the year ahead.

Now I'm in Denton four hours early for work, so that I can work on site-mapping the website for my second job. I'd be doing this from the comfort of my own laptop and couch, maybe still in my PJ's, except that our flaky broadband is living up to its, er, reliably unreliable reputation. What I wouldn't give for some healthy competition in the area to shake them into providing actual service.

For the geek on your list who has almost everything: a Lego hard drive.

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Kali Shanti Park said...

we have to get tree, decorations, and all presents still.
i am hoping this week we can as we are gone all next week.