TGIF... Hold That Thought

So much for being happy that it was the weekend. The highlights were: being with Alex, and going out for a birthday dinner for one of Alex’s friends. Other than that, Alex worked—yes, beyond working late every single evening, and this is not the first weekend he’s worked—we loaded scrap metal onto my father-in-law’s trailer, and we finished the building. Which is great on the one hand—hooray! Inspections this week, then we can move our project stuff out there!—and frustrating on the other—it took us from 3pm to 8pm yesterday to finish, and after that whole weekend of work, we were absolutely dead. At 8:30pm on a Sunday. Sigh…

Actually, perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was on the way to Home Depot (for building supplies, of course), Alex and I remembered that it was the debut day for the Nintendo Wii, and Alex called Jared. Because of course, there was no doubt in our minds that Jared had not only purchased said console, but had already played several games with Justin and therefore would have gleeful and valuable information to convey. Short version: he likes the remote controller evern better than he thought he would, and from first glance, Zelda rocks. I am gleeful with anticipation, and suddenly Alex is wanting to drive to Tyler (closest place with a Wii left!) to get one. My hope is that this controller will finally let me become the Uber-Gamer I have always dreamed of being (but lacked the time/training/skilz to be). I wish to play a Zelda game completely through for the first time (okay, not counting Four Swords which rocked the hizzy, but since I had three teammates, it wasn’t achieved fully on my own merit).

Unrelated Banter:
  • Here’s a free information number (they play short ads before giving you the number, but free beats 411 charges): 800-373-3411
  • Along those lines, I’ve been screening my calls when a caller ID doesn’t show up—reject the call, then look up the number on this website. When it’s obviously a telemarketing call, I save the number under the contact name “Telemarketer”—I’ve got five numbers saved under that name now, and they immediately pop up as “telemarketer” when they call. This website’s also a fast way to report a No-Call-List violation.
  • I finally added the “Best Of” shots from our DC trip to my newest flickr account: enjoy!
  • Oh no, the movie "Stealth" comes to life! Aiieee!!! (Heh, heh, heh.)
  • Even if you already type well, you'll want to play this typing game: Qwerty Warriors. Typing "detonate" when that word appears will obliterate all other enemies/words on the screen, heh heh.
  • Very interesting, very controversial article.

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