His First Time

So I'm not sure how Brandon's Star Wars virgin experiment worked out (he was showing them to his virgin friend not in original or in chronological order, but an interesting one of his own devising)... But Entertainment Weekly got a SWv to watch all six in one night (!) and then write an article about his thoughts. That definitely takes me back to long conversations in The Line.

(They've also got an interesting feature on the 10 Worst Bond Girls, which I'm sure Jared will enjoy as much as I did. And let me cross my fingers one more time to hope that Casino Royale is at least half as spectacular as its trailer, and prove my grumblings about non-dyed hair to be petty.*)

*I was going to link to the post where I whined and moaned about Daniel Craig and the non-dying of his hair, but I can't find it. Hmph.


The Grand Admiral said...

Did you read the one on the 10 best Bond girls? I only agreed with three of them. The rest of the time, I thought the two articles were mixed up.

Starrlett said...

Yeah, I was tooootally wondering that myself. I agreed with Pussy Galore and Xenia Onatopp, and perhaps Honey Rider.

But I couldn't believe that they liked super-annoying Tiffany Case!! Eeek!

(Heh, heh, love the name choice, btw.)