A Sad Day for Entertainment News

No Peter Jackson's Hobbit--no, no, no!!!!
I read this on Slashdot on Monday and hoped it was a wild rumor. Sigh... Can't New Line and Jackson put aside their squabbles over pay just long enough to make the movie their public is longing for? I'm afraid to watch a Hobbit by another director, I really am.

Robert Altman died Monday night at age 81. This makes me sad; we own The Company and Gosford Park, and I've been looking forward to seeing A Prairie Home Companion for quite awhile now.

Today's Good News
  • My utterly-bizarre lemonade-craving this morning was perfectly timed, as a coworker unexpectedly brought some to our office party.
  • I just finished Samurai Shortstop, and can now review it for Jessica, the Cool Librarian.
  • I had a “Eureka!” moment with my book this morning--I won't be making the 50K mark next week, but at least the problemmatic opening is solved! Woohoo!
  • I now have 4 graphic novels on their way to me via BookMooch... Now if I could only learn more patience for media mail.
  • My geeky-artist-librarian expertise was put to good use today while looking for novels/comics for an art student who wanted something to read while he waited in line for a Wii. Does that sound totally up my alley, or what?
I also finished the Abilene backlog post (only LA left to cover!)

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