Ta-Ta to La-La-Land

Alex and I became slightly worried last night, as we listed off major changes in our likes/dislikes lists. Things that haven't changed since before we were married, that are coming fast and steady now. Monumental changes, like... Alex getting on the dance floor. Not once, not twice, but for hours, no wife-dragging/begging involved. Granted, once he realized that it only took a single glass of champagne to make me like being flipped, lifted, thrown, etc. (instead of my usual shrieking "eeeeeeek, PUTMEDOWN!"), I'm sure the whole dancing thing became a lot more attractive to him. After all, what's the good of having a tiny wife if you can't use that tiny-ness to toss her about? I mean, really.

As I still haven't translated my hard-copy blog posts from DC into this digital format, it seems kind of jumping the gun to go into the LA trip. But dude.... dude. You know those weddings in magazines and movies? The ones with sit-down dinners and gorgeous lighting and a talented DJ and more than twenty people on the dance floor at any given time shakin' their groove thang? The ones where you see the photos of the bride and a made-to-order flower girl that can't possibly be real, because of the high beauty/cuteness factors involved? The ones where you could have a polaroid instamatic and still not manage to take a less-than-perfect photo because the entire event is so gorgeously choreographed?

Yeah, it was that.

It was that, plus both sides of the family were gracious and awesome and fun and so, so nice, and all the wedding party and pals were great fun, and the entire weekend involved copious amounts of incredible food. With all this travel/food, coming home to a sinkful of dishes makes me just want to hop on another plane. (C'mon, we've done both coasts; isn't it time for Europe now?)

So, the blow-by-blow will come later, but for now let me say that yesterday, on the twelfth day of November, I spent the afternoon at the beach. In the sunshine. And called my California-born mother to let her hear the beautiful sound of the ocean.


In Other News...
  • Ursula Vernon's Black Dogs is reviewed by Library Journal!! That's like a librarian fangirl's dream.
  • A great list of Movie Librarians.
  • NaNoWriMo: I am trying, actually. I'd like to say I'm still shooting for 50k, that I have hope and belief... but I'm struggling to put out much and I was just out of town for another weekend, leaving me with two weeks left and one of them will be hijacked by Thanksgiving in San Antonio (along with finishing my online archive final class project). Be that what it is, I'm writing anyway. I've neglected this particular novel long enough, and couldn't justify trying on a new one just for NaNoWriMo, so I'm trying to fill in gaps (which is the dirty part of all my creative work: gap-filling). Sorry: no plot details forthcoming until the thing's a done deal. Keep your fingers crossed for a 2007 finish date.
Mental Playlist*:
*(heavily influenced by wedding DJ--with the exception of Schnappi)

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