Wild for Gelato

I must get an ice-cream maker, prontissimo; I just found a recipe for Wild Blueberry Gelato.

This brings back a quiet, sunny afternoon in Padua when I succumbed to the seductive sweet of one scoop of this homemade treat, and a scoop on top of lemon. Yep, I'm ready to go back.

Hey, my Peep is semi-famous. Hooray!


Kodiak said...


Peeps are ICKY!!

Very nice peep photo, Starr!!

Starrlett said...

Hee, hee, thanks.

Oddly enough, I loved peeps as a kid, hated 'em for the past seven years or so, and suddenly love them again. I'm deep in a sugar craving at the moment, with no signs of stopping.