Stuff I Like

Sheer photographic genius with a Darth Tater and Peeps.

An admirable Flickr collection of things you can place on your dog's head.

Tally of teams with most fan loyalty (Go Spurs!).

For the creative goth in all of us: Zombie Twin Skirt.

When you just need a cool/funny shirt.

List of Next Gen Time Travel Episodes. Oh, the geekery of it all.

Next Gen guide to Temporal Mechanics.

For the bling-loving booknerd in your life: typewriter key bracelets.

Conversation-starting jewlery made by a librarian...

...including Art Bracelets!


Auntie K said...

What's about a Peeps bracelet? That would be neat!

Starrlett said...

You just had to make me curious, didn't you? Oddly enough...




Auntie K said...

I have to get to Big Lots!