Eat a Book!

Today I had the great fun of attending the Edible Books Festival in the Rare Books Room. I ate Book-lava, savored A Clockwork Orange-and-chocolate-cake, and laughed at a clever sandwich book titled My Bologna Has a First Name. I got to see many SLIS and Willis pals that I haven't seen in awhile and got a sugar high.

For past Edible Books fun, see the 2004 and 2003 winners. Or read about how this whole bizarre thing got started. You can also look at this year's winners for the Art Book Competition. (I'll link to this year's photos as soon as they're up.)

My personal favorite: Great American Novel (some assembly required)

I've desired to and somehow avoided entering both of these competitions each year for the seven I've been at UNT. I need to get my act together and make some tasty and/or artistic books.

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