...So in the webcomics world, I suppose I'm way behind, but today I discovered Jellaby (of the Secret Friends Society). It fills me with nostalgia for Calvin & Hobbes and for my own childhood of solitude and imagination. It makes me, again, want to comic. I am so putting one of these on my birthday wishlist (strong hint here, Alex).

I discovered it while perusing the Eisner Nominations, courtesy of the ever-astoundingly talented Ursula Vernon--she comics! she paints! she writes! she blogs! Drat her for being multifacetedly (yes, that's a word) talented and productive. And kudos to her for her own Eisner nomination and for making a living by her art.

And in other news, yesterday I got my beautiful seductive copy of the complete "Crisis on Infinite Earths," so I can finally discover what was going on in comics while I was playing dress-up and watching the Royals win. Namely, the incredible insanity that took DC in 1985, and why Barbara Gordon now has to be Jim's adopted daughter, and why they had to kill off Supergirl entirely. It calls, it beckons, its full-color pages sing like sirens, but I'm stubbornly turning my back and working on schoolwork. Phooey.

Yes, I just spent an hour sketching and thinking up comic ideas. Yes, I'm now going to responsibly spend the next two hours before work on taxes and schoolwork and jobsearching. No, you can't see my sketches.


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