The Weekend Update

Originally uploaded by Starrlett.
Art Projects! Peeps! Visting Parents! Giant Steins! and more photos await you at my Flickr page. (Also includes some older updates from January.)

Stories to tell and jokes to be had at my expense, but they must wait while I run some errands and get myself to work.

Oh, and thank you Helen for re-posting this site; I had been thinking about it this weekend... Enjoy the demented fruits of Peep Research.


Kali Shanti Park said...

great haircute!

yea, we are all for group camping; fun times ahead.

miss you girl

Trey Stokes said...

The color of that marshmallow peep... my eyes! Aieeee! The goggles do nothing!

Starrlett said...

Heh, heh. That's the nuclear power of a peep for you, Trey.

Pink Peep Power. It's fun to say fifty times.