Today has been painful in more days than one.

As I not-so-gracefully slung myself into my office, I slammed my left pinkie toe into a column with sufficient force to bring said column toppling upon my head--but thankfully our home is well-built, and I only succeeded in nearly slicing a hefty portion of meat off the end of my toe. Alex hadn't left for work yet, so he carried me into the bathroom, where I faintly demanded bandaids, a trashcan, and bactine in a tone that indicated I had small amounts of both patience and confidence. Thankfully, my spouse seemed to understand that my attitude was born of pain and the fluttery feeling that accompanied the rush of blood leaving my toe.

I managed not to break the ridiculously small digit, but you'd never know it from the pain. I hobbled about the house as little as possible, lest I suffer the sensation that rather large piranhas were munching on my left foot.

The rest of the day's pain came in the form of my Inferential Statistics Assignment. Although the work itself wasn't quite as dreadful as I had been--er--dreading, the program that we're supposed to use crashed my laptop after half an hour of fighting, and then I fought with it for another half hour on the desktop. I hope the laptop speaks to me tomorrow after being put through such a torturous experience.

My high school opinion of Statistics as a subject of study has changed very little. It's a suspicious sort of opinion born of the fact that the more I learn about statistics, the more I become aware that they can be construed to appear to support any theory you wish. I will here grudgingly admit that they can also be a useful research tool, but I remain suspicious.

Okay, I am now nostalgically satiated. I've had the 80's Nickelodeon show, "Pinwheel," theme song stuck in my head for weeks, and couldn't quite remember what the show was about, other than that it featured puppets. Then after Google-ing it, not only do I find it, but the site is called RetroJunk and its graphics feature the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lion-O, He-Man, and the A-Team. Pure eighties bliss.

Much like this. In the immortal words of the Comic Book Guy, "Best... episode... ever."

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