Starrlett Reads the News

Gas Relief? That's nice and all, but a $100 rebate check will pay for gas in either of my trucks only 1 1/2 times. Um... thanks? You know, I remember when a movie date cost $4 a person and gas was a few bucks--dinner was the most expensive part. Now it's changed a little, hasn't it?

As evidence, Alex and I hadn't been to a single movie in the theater--not even the cheap theater--since Batman Begins last summer, until last month we broke down and watched a matinee of V for Vendetta. That's right, the couple who waited a month in line for Star Wars have watched one movie in the theater in the past nine months.

Granted, it's a little easier of a choice to make when home theaters are so nice now, blockbuster sends movies to your door, there aren't any fussing kids (well, not in my house), and popcorn isn't $10 a bucket.

Evil, evil Big Oil. Is it any wonder that hybrid cars are expensive and yet still don't save you that much in fuel costs per fill-up? There are a lot of people out there that stand to lose a lot of money if we give up our gas-guzzlers.

No matter your take on the book itself, you've got to admit that this judge had a mighty fine sense of humor. Update: the code is cracked!

I'm sorry, but there's something disturbing about the use of the phrase "pillow-lipped" to describe Angelina Jolie. I keep picturing these huge fluffy white things attached to her face (shudder).

And... why is this in the "odd news" section? What, it's odd that people recognize that Kiera Knightley is gorgeous? Maybe the news editors are just still stuck in the "British people have bad teeth" prejudice.

So, "It's Hip to be Pregnant." Well, finally. And here I was avoiding it because it was gauche.

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