Spring Break-Down

Much as I love my job and school, I was intensely glad to take an entire week off. After nine days of not logging into my online classes or driving to Denton, my persistent eye twitch is almost gone. And you think I'm kidding.

So here's the breakdown of what I did when I wasn't blogging. Monday and Tuesday, as reported, were days of cleaning and haircut and taxes and, yes, a little chillin'. Wednesday was web design heaven--a glorious entire day of CSS, HTML, a few more tutorials, and ten pages of the Snazzy Decor redesign completed--hooray! Would that I could have devoted an entire week to this activity.

hursday, however, was some much-needed girlie R&R in the form of shopping with Amy. We tried on some ridiculous clothes, found some awesome deals, scheduled a makeover for this Wednesday, and talkedtalkedtalked. It's great to hang out with a girl who is the perfect blend of girlie-ness and tomboy, who makes me feel like perhaps I am a somewhat normal chick. Friday, I finally got to meet Alex's coworkers, which means that now instead of asking him to repeat names each time he tells a story ("So was it Josh or Justin? They both start with 'J,'"), I have faces and names synched.

I cleverly timed my initial visit to coincide with their St. Patty's Day Foosball Tournament, which was great fun (and food--I do love those Chili's southwest eggrolls!).

I did not, however, anticipate the nerf-gun munitions run after lunch, and the subsequent nerf war played out in the maze of cubicles. It was much fun, and I think only one person lost an eye.

--to be continued--

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